About a deadly game show in a futuristic dystopian society.

"Fight neverending attacks from merciless bounty hunters in the ruins of the city and survive the rough conditions of the devastated wasteland."
  • Explore urban districts and the wasteland
  • Beat crazy bounty hunters like Mercenary and Evil Clown
  • Fight with guns and melee weapons
  • Use the stealth tool to sneak by
  • Hypnotize your enemies
  • Collect Stims to level up your 25 character skills
  • Watch out for food and water, sleep to fight exhaustion
  • Deal with day and night cycles, with cold, heat and radiation
  • Loot weapons, tools and food and repair and mod your loot
  • Repair and mod your loot
  • Treat wounds and diseases
  • Build campfires to keep warm
  • Lockpick doors or blow them up

Facts and Features

  • Pixel art action RPG
  • Roguelite with permadeath
  • Procedurally generated levels for great replayability
  • Vertical and horizontal game progression
  • For Windows and maybe Linux and Mac
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